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Laurence Pratt features in The Hills Shire Times
Mar 13, 2010 --


22 Feburary, 2010 by Bev Jordan

LAURENCE Pratt is living his dream.

The Dural father-of-two is a massage therapist and trainer with the Sydney Swans.

This is his third season with the team and he says he still pinches himself at games.

“I enjoy what I do,” he said. “I love working with people and making them feel better.”

As well as working with the Swans he does massage twice a week with the Parramatta Eels players and is also working with the New South Wales Swifts netballers.

It’s a big step away from the insurance job he held for 15 years before retraining as a massage therapist six years ago.

“I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing. I was earning good money in insurance but just wasn’t enjoying it.”

A keen sportsman, mainly rugby union and basketball, he was nursing several injuries and approaching his 30th birthday when his dad suggested he found a job involved in sport that did not involve playing.

“I had an operation on my knee and my shoulder in the space of six months.

“My uncle has been a massage therapist with the Parramatta Eeels for 20 years so I juggled work and training to be a therapist for several years.”

He has now been a massage therapist for six years and finds it a much better work/life balance.

He has become a big Aussie Rules fan whose players are ultra fit.

“Massage is an important part of their recovery program,” he said.

“They only get about six weeks off a year ... it’s a pretty gruelling process.

“It’s quite inspiring what they do on the field.”

He also has one of the best seats in the house to see the play in action - a “tough job” for a sports fan.