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Jon Fletcher Blog
Feb 18, 2010 --

Jon Fletchers new blog site can be found at

Jon says "The Blog will focus on providing you with regular ongoing thoughts, ideas and simple strategies on how to achieve greater levels of success in all facets of your life, coaching or work career and your sport."

Amongst other things the Blog will include postings from myself, references to articles from other experts, lists, quick tips, self quizzes, helpful resources, answers to commonly asked questions etc. There is also the facility for you to make comments or ask questions on each of the postings if you wish.

Jon goes onto to explain.  "Upfront I will make no apologies that some of the postings will be quite direct, to the point and full of challenges as I believe increased successcomes from knowing what you want, what you need to do to get it and then taking action. No good just talking about it."

Subscription to the blog is free. Just click on either the RSS or Email subscription buttons on the Home Page and answer the prompts and you will get automatic notification of any new postings (Be assured you will never have your email address shared or have spam sent).

There are already several blogs on the site.  If you enjoy reading them please ensure that you subscribe so that you keep up to date and don't miss any new postings. Additionally you may like to refer the site to some of your friends and colleagues so that they may subscribe