Laurence Pratt Health and Fitness
Since 2005 Laurence Pratt has been providing professional remedial massage services to elite and local sporting teams, athletes, companies and special events, as well as individuals whether they are amateur competitors, exercise regularly or simply spend long hours at the desk.
Laurence has now joined forces with the team at Arrow Physiotherapy in Castle Hill.  For bookings or more details call 8850 7770 or visit the website.
Laurence Pratt Health and Fitness also gives you access to the world's leading name in exercise and fitness equipment - AOK Health.  For the past 15 years AOK Health has been a leader in the Functional Fitness Industry due to its superior products and service.
AOK Health Exercise and Fitness Equipment
Through research, development and practical application, AOK Health develops and selects the world’s best functional exercise and rehabilitation equipment for sale and distribution worldwide.
"Massage was great, I have actually had the best nights sleep in a long time with no pain." RK, Castle Hill  
"Having worked with a range of athletes throughout various sports, I have become experienced in addressing the needs of a variety of clients.  Your Individual needs are determined before your massage so that your goals are reached.  Anyone who is having a massage receives the same experience and quality treatment." Laurence Pratt

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 "It was truly the best massage I think I've ever had as it didn't wipe me out but gave me more energy - and pain absence!" MA, Baulkham Hills


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Laurence Pratt Health & Fitness Ph: 043 11 22 530