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18 Aug 2013    Are treadmill desks part of the future of your office?

Health Reporter Brad Crouch of The Adelaide Advertiser details more news in field of office health

26 Apr 2013    Do detox diets cleanse your body of toxins?

There's nothing new about detoxing, people have been doing it for centuries Nicky Phillips reveals. 

18 Apr 2013    Get on your bike!

 It may not seem like it, but riding a stationary bike can get you somewhere.

23 Oct 2012    The fresh air gym

Outdoor gyms have no walls ... and no fees either! 

30 Aug 2012    Armed for a sleeveless summer

Arm exercises to tone your Biceps and Triceps.

14 Aug 2012    Keeping lean on 17,500kj a day

For some people the real batttle is gaining kilos, not losing them.  Walkley Award winning health writer Paula Goodyer reveals the other side of the ledger.

2 Aug 2012    Method to alternative medicine madness

 Luke Malone of the Sydney Morning Herald takes a look at the pros and cons of some of the more controversial forms of alternative medicine.

2 Aug 2012    The path to powerful pecs

They are two of the most-watched muscles on the male torso, so it's worth ensuring your "hugging muscles" are in good working order.

2 Aug 2012    Trying to make exercise a stop-start affair

The athletes featuring at the Olympics train seven days a week to keep in peak physical condition.  Gretchen Reynolds explains that you don't have to!

29 Jun 2012    Forget the jog slog and fit in a sprint for maximum weight loss results

Spending hours trudging away on the treadmill without results?  Nicky Phillips suggests you may need to change gears to get where you want to be faster. 

28 Jun 2012    More reasons to stand up for your health

You may want to sit down before you read this - but best not to.  Marjie Gilliam of The New York Times uncovers some sobering facts about the adverse effects of the modern day work station.

12 Jun 2012    Stand and deliver at work

Jane Southward of the The Sydney Morning Herald talks to organisations who are looking at the office environment from a different perspective

30 May 2012    The real price of protein

They are sold as a magic bullet for building up muscle, but are protein powders and bars a waste of your money?  Jane Southward of the Sydney Morning Herald dishes up the facts.

16 Apr 2012    Exercise: The simple way to get better results

Working out without seeing any results? Focus on these five areas in order to get you over a plateau and give you real improvements you can see and feel.

19 Jun 2011    Choose your fuel wisely

Lorraine Cullen, Sports Dietician, writes about the importance of choosing the right foods for your fitness requirements.

29 Apr 2011    Ground-breaking AIS Performance Recovery study

Exercise recovery is a hot topic at the moment and  the Australian Institute of Sport is leading the way with research, using some of Australia's best young netballers to set a few things straight.  This article courtesy of Australian Sport Online - The official e-newsletter of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

3 Mar 2011    Health nuts overdo it

Yes, you can have too much of a good thing.  As this article from the Wellbeing section of the Sydney Morning Herald proves.

17 Jul 2010    Avoid injuries this running season

Tips to avoid injury and achieve your personal best this running season!

27 May 2010    Beware the Chair

Beware the chair: Hours of sitting down can give you a sluggish metabolism, high blood pressure and diabetes writes Peta Bee of The Daily Mail in the UK.

16 Apr 2010    Riding a horse and eating just like one

Iain Payten of the Daily Telegraph takes two contrasting figures of Sydney sport and compares their daily Diet requirements.

13 Apr 2010    The bigger they are ... the harder it is for them to recover

James Phelps and Dean Ritchie of the Daily Telegraph investigate the increase in Rugby League player size over the past 15 years and the injuries that have come with it.

10 Jan 2010    In need of a gym? 10 tips to make the right choice

 The New South Wales Office of Fair Trading has issued a range guidelines to help you make the right choice on joining a gym.

3 Dec 2009    Survival of the fittest

Losing and weight and resisting powerful G-forces are par for the the course in a V8 Supercar, writes James Phelps of The Daily Telegraph.

17 Oct 2009    Destructive love and the risks in football

This is a thought-provking article by Greg Baum of The Age in Melbourne concerning the hidden costs many Professional NFL Footballers pay for their career.